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Beautiful Sunbird

Senegambia Hotel - 18th Jan 2003

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5219-Sunbird-Sp-CS.JPG (25595 bytes)

Bijilo Forest Park  -  21st Jan 2003

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Scarlet-chested Sunbird

Faraba Banta Bush Track - 20th Jan 2003

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Green-headed Sunbird

Bijilo Forest Park  -  21st Jan 2003

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An uncommon species

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Variable Sunbird

Tanji Reserve - 22nd Jan 2003

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4961-VariableSunbird-CIS.JPG (17229 bytes)

4965-VariableSunbird-CIS.JPG (13842 bytes)
Photos - JER

A very difficult species to photograph as they are almost constantly on the move and their colours can only be seen to good effect in certain light.  Fortunately this male decided to take up a perch and sing for a while.

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Splendid Sunbird

Tanji   -   22nd Jan 2003

4917-Sunbird-Sp-CS.JPG (45019 bytes) 4919-Sunbird-Sp-CS.JPG (46711 bytes)
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