Small Passerines

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Western Bluebill

Abuko Reserve - 23rd January 2003

western bluebill1-230103.jpg (67552 bytes)
Picture - DMF

A female showing white spotting on underparts.  A male was also present. 
Perhaps the bird of the week in terms of beauty and rarity.

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Red-cheeked Cordon-Bleu

Senegambia Hotel - January 2003

5236-Cordon-Bleu-RC-CIS.JPG (37997 bytes)
Photo - JER

A male showing the red cheek spot

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Red-billed Firefinch

Bilijo Forest - 21st Jan 2003

4880-Firefinch-CIS.JPG (25448 bytes)
Photo - JER

A female bird.  The males are virtually all red.

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Bronze Mannikin

Bilijo Forest - 21st Jan 2003

3500 Mannikins.JPG (20810 bytes)
Photo - MCC

Kairaba Hotel - 24th Jan 2003

5246-BronzeManakin-CIS.JPG (70433 bytes)
Photo - JER

Very common almost everywhere

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Lavender Waxbill

Kairiba Hotel - 24th Jan 2003

5251-LavenderWaxbill-CIS.JPG (55518 bytes)
Photo - JER

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Northern Crombec

Senegambia Hotel - 22nd Jan 2003

northern crombec5-220103.jpg (47173 bytes)
Pictures - DMF

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Plain-backed Pipit

Pirang - 20th Jan 2003

4758-Plain-backedPipit-CIS.JPG (44729 bytes)
Photo - JER

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Chestnut-backed Sparrow-lark

Pirang - 20th Jan 2003

4761-ChestnutBackedSparrowLark-CS.JPG (28473 bytes) 4762-ChestnutBackedSparrowLark-CS.JPG (29187 bytes)
Photos - JER

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Yellow-fronted Canary

Faraba Banta Bush Track - 20th January 2003

3449  Yellow Fronted Canary-I.JPG (34928 bytes)
Photo - MCC

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Little Greenbul

Abuko Reserve - 23rd Jan 2003

5187-LittleGreenbul-CIS.JPG (24953 bytes)
Photo - JER

Voted "The most boring bird in The Gambia".

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