Rollers and Shrikes

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Abyssinian Roller

Faraba Banta Bush Track

4781-AbyssianRoller-CIS.JPG (30035 bytes)
Photo - JER

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Blue-breasted Roller

Casino Cycle Track - 18th Jan 2003

4450-BlueBrestedRoller-CIS.JPG (23438 bytes)

4455-BlueBrestedRoller-CIS.JPG (12723 bytes)

4459-BlueBrestedRoller-CIS.JPG (18236 bytes)
Photos - JER

Perhaps the most stunning bird seen during the week but has to be seen in flight to be fully appreciated.

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Rufus-crowned Roller

Dunes, close to the Senegambia Hotel

4669-RufusCrownedRoller-CIS.JPG (28744 bytes)

4673-RufusCrownedRoller-CIS.JPG (24159 bytes)
Photos - JER

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Broad-billed Roller

3647 Broad Billed Roller.JPG (31520 bytes)
Photo - MCC

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Yellow-crowned Gonolek

Senegambia Hotel

4889-YCGonolek-CS.JPG (83403 bytes)  5259-YCGonolek-CIS.JPG (42859 bytes) 5265-YCGonolek-CS.JPG (44841 bytes)
Photos - JER

An easy bird to see in the hotel grounds but also seen elsewhere.  Usually found in shady areas under trees and bushes.

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Yellow-billed Shrike

Kairiba Hotel - 24th Jan 2003

5242-YellowBilledShrike-CIS.JPG (33619 bytes)
Photo - JER

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