Gambia Trip Report

17th-24th Jan 2003

By Dave Ferguson, Mike Collard and Jim Rose

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This trip report describes a one week birding trip to The Gambia by Dave Ferguson, Mike Collard and Jim Rose.  Being a first trip to The Gambia for Mike and Jim, it was decided to cover the coastal area and not travel too far inland.  The three were also fairly keen to find their own birds, so the use of local guides was limited.  While essentially a birding trip, all three have digiscoping and/or camcorder equipment so a significant number of birds were caught on "digital media".  The report contains pictures of over 100 species of birds that were taken during the week. 

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Dave Ferguson, Mike Collard and Jim Rose all live in south Bucks.  Combined birding experience spans over eighty years (wow) and all have been active members of the Buckinghamshire Bird Club for many years.   After teaming up for county bird races in the 1990s and a variety of birding trips around Buckinghamshire and the rest of the UK, this eventually led to several very successful birding trips to Lesbos.  Deciding a change was called for, The Gambia was eventually selected as the 2003 venue.

All three are primarily birders, with an interest in bird photography taking second place.   In fact bird photography/video is a recent interest.

All of the pictures of birds shown on this website were taken as part of general bird watching.  No stake-outs for specific species were made and no more than a few minutes were spent photographing any one bird.  With around one hundred species photographed/videoed during one week, this essentially goes without saying.

Thanks to Danny and Ray who gave advice and lent us and videos prior to departure.   Special thanks to our wives/partners for not objecting too much on the groups fourth trip abroad.

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All of the pictures contained within this website are copyright.  Please contact the relevant person if you wish to use any of the pictures.

This website has been compiled by Jim Rose.  Click on the names to contact Dave Ferguson  or   Mike Collard

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