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Monitor Lizard

Senegambia Hotel

4886-MonitorLizard-CS.JPG (50368 bytes)

This is one of several Monitor Lizards that lived in the undergrowth and could be seen each afternoon as they came out to catch the afternoon sun.  On ocassion they would cross their island, cross the moat and wander around the gardens.

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Red Colobus and Green Vervet Monkeys

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4817-MikeandMonkey-S.JPG (75087 bytes)
Photos - JER

Both species of Monkeys were seen in the hotel grounds, Abuko Reserve, Bilijo Forest and Tanji.  As soon as there was any indication that food might be around, then they would pay close attention.

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Pygmy Crocodile

4564-Crocodile-CS.JPG (16442 bytes)

4612-Crocodile-CIS.JPG (60708 bytes)
Photos - JER

Several of these creatures were present at Abuko Reserve.  Initially only their eyes and nose could be seen but one or two did leave the water for a short while.

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Abuko Reserve - 19th and 23rd Jan 2003

4621-Bushbuck-CIS.JPG (42825 bytes)

5110-Bushbucks-CIS.JPG (83563 bytes)

5113-Bushbucks-CIS.JPG (84660 bytes)

5179-Bushbucks-S.JPG (98295 bytes)
Photos - JER

Good views could be had of this species from the hides at Abuko.  The bottom picture shows just how well camoflaged they can be in dappled shade.  The day before we visited Abuko a Bushbuck was caught by a large Python.  Although it was freed by the wardens, it later died from it's injuries.

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5003-TermiteMound-CS.JPG (81794 bytes)
Photo - JER

Very large termite were common in many areas, although very few live termites were seen.

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African Monarch Butterfly

african monarch1-180103x.jpg (35256 bytes)
Picture - DMF

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