Waterside Birds and Waders

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Black Crake

Abuko Reserve - 23rd January 2003

5092-Black-Crake-CIS.JPG (43668 bytes)
Photo - JER

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African Jacana

Abuko Reserve - 19th & 23rd Jan 2003

4639-AfricanJacana-CIS.JPG (34942 bytes)
Photo - JER

3278 Jacana.JPG (45621 bytes)
Photo - MCC

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White-faced Whistling Ducks

Kuto Ponds - 18th January 2003

4529-W_F_WhistlingDuck-CIS.JPG (18984 bytes)
Photo - JER

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Spur-winged Plover

Kuto Creek - 18th Jan 2003

4509-SpurWingedPlover-CIS.JPG (45804 bytes)

4514-SpurWingedPlover-CIS.JPG (24447 bytes)
Photos - JER

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Wattled Plover

Casino Cycle Track - 19th Jan 2003

4685-WattledPlover-CIS.JPG (50331 bytes)
Photo - JER

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Greater Painted Snipe

Kuto Creek - 22nd Jan 2003

5040-PaintedSnipe-CIS.JPG (24537 bytes)
Photo - JER

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Senegal Thick-knee

Kuto Creek - 18th & 22nd Jan 2003

4492-SenegalThickknee-CIS.JPG (49051 bytes)

5044-SenegalThickknee-CIS.JPG (32689 bytes)

5045-SenegalThickknee-CIS.JPG (55837 bytes)
Photo - JER

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