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Palm-nut Vulture

Abuko Reserve - 23rd Jan 2003

5130-PalmNutVultureCIS.JPG (36374 bytes)

5132-PalmNutVultureCIS.JPG (30889 bytes)

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Grasshopper Buzzard

Faraba Banta Bush Track  - 20th January 2003

 4784-Buzzard-Grasshopper-CIS.JPG (57343 bytes)
Photo - JER

Picture taken with the Eagleye 5x lens from the rear side of the vehicle.  Several others seen later that day along the Bush Track.

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Lizard Buzzard

Tanji Reserve - 22nd January 2003

4909-Buzzard-Lizard-CIS.JPG (19690 bytes) 4911-Buzzard-Lizard-CIS.JPG (19958 bytes)
Photos - JER

This bird was rather confiding and perched for some time on the metal gantry supporting power cables alongside the main road.

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Senegambia Hotel - 22nd Jan 2003

4903-Shikra-CIS.JPG (37489 bytes)
Photo - JER

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Red-necked Falcon

Kuto Creek/Ponds area - 18th January 2003

4523-RED-NeckedFalcon-CIS.JPG (31666 bytes)
Photo - JER

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Grey Kestrel

Casino Cycle Track - 19th Jan 2003

4712-GreyKestrel-CIS.JPG (46281 bytes)

4718-GreyKestrel-CIS.JPG (45840 bytes)
Photos - JER

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Harrier Hawk

Casino Cycle Track - 18th Jan 2003

4425-Harrier-Hawk.JPG (29719 bytes)

This individual was presumed to be seeking out passerines that might be hiding in the openings between the branches.   Apparently Harrier Hawks have a double jointed tarsus which makes it easier to find prey in holes.

Bilijo Forest - 21st Jan 2003

4823-Harrier-Hawk-CIS.JPG (47187 bytes)
Photos - JER

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Black-shouldered Kite

Casino Cycle Track - 19th Jan 2003

4920-BlackShoulderedKite-CIS.JPG (20419 bytes)

4922-BlackShoulderedKite-CIS.JPG (20086 bytes)
Photos - JER

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Long-crested Eagle

Mandina Ba - 20th January 2003

4740-Long-crestedEagle-CIS.JPG (47638 bytes) 4744-Long-crestedEagle-CIS.JPG (28697 bytes)
Photos - JER

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Tawny Eagle

Abuko Reserve - 23rd Feb 2003

tawny eagle1-230103.jpg (16265 bytes)
Picture - DMF

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Black Kite

Senegambia Hotel

black kite2-180103.jpg (29335 bytes)
Picture - DMF

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