Venezuela - February 2010

Off-the-Beaten Track Tour

Other Wildlife Seen


Cassius Blue  - Seen at Posada El Encanto


Typhla Satyr (Oressinoma typhla) - Henri Pittier National Park


Green Longwing (Philaethria dido) - Henri Pittier National Park


Victorine Clearwing (Oleria victorine) - Yacambu National Park


Viridicans Hairstreak (Laothus viridicans) - Yacambu National Park


Orange-disked Actinote (Altinote stratonice)  -  - Yacambu National Park


Frosted Mimic White (Lieinix nemesis)  - Yacambu National Park


Lelex Mimic White (Dismorphia lelex)  - Seen by the El Blanquito Lagoon in Yacambu National Park


Red Peacock (Anartia amathea) - Yacambu National Park


Odds and Ends

Green Iguana  - Seen near Sanare.  This individual was much browner than normal.


Green Iguana - Photographed in the posada grounds at Tucacas!  When approached it disappeared over a 2-3 metres wall in a matter of seconds!


Agouti - A few of these were seen, including this one in the grounds of the biological station in the Henri Pittier National Park.

In the Yacambu National Park we came across an impressive ant swarm.  Click here to see video.

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