Venezuela - February 2010

Off-the-Beaten Track Tour

Lighter Moments

Dinner at Posada El Encanto - Left to right Waldi, Cecilia, Penny, Paul, Leo, Dave P, Dave F and Jim.  Great food.

Dave P demonstrating how easy it was to get in and out of his bedroom area!  Not so easy in the dark after a few beers!!! 

Dave P showing the strain of birding in rain forest.  How do you get rid of that neck ache?!

Dave F unable to resist the hammock as the Posada at Tucacas.  Well it was 37 DegC!

Non-stop birder!!!!!!!!!!  - Dave P trying to add a few species to his Maderia life list during a short stop-over on the tarmac!  As I recall he saw Yellow-legged Gull and the Maderian sub-species of Common Buzzard.


Leo - our excellent driver was with us throughout the trip.

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Lighter Moments

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