Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge

Jim Rose - November 2003

Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Reserve is situated just a few miles to the south of San Diego and is a series of extensive marshes formed by the Tijuana River where joins the sea.  The Tijuana estuary is extensive and covers over 2,500 acres.  There is an information centre and trails on the north side of the reserve.  This place should not be missed!

10811-TijuanaSlough.JPG (70866 bytes)
Tijuana Slough NWR at high tide viewed from Seacoast Drive.  
Some of the waders in the roost are pictured below.

Tijuana Slough NWR - summary

10808-ClapperRail.JPG (39272 bytes) The Light-footed Clapper Rail is perhaps the star bird at Tijuana Slough.   Only a few hundred of this sub-species of Clapper Rail exist world-wide.  Due to the very high tide, I was fortunate enough to see up to ten birds at various sites around the reserve.

The individual on the left waited at the edge of the reeds for some time before swimming off.

Several Clapper Rails were seen swimming to safety.

10898-ClapperRail.JPG (45797 bytes)


10923-MarshWren.JPG (33443 bytes) After quite a bit of looking, I eventually managed to get a reasonable view of this Marsh Wren.  This was the only one I saw during the trip.


10786-Long-billedCurlew.JPG (36521 bytes)

Long-billed Curlew - A few were seen at Tijuana Slough.  Larger numbers were seen in the Salton sea area.

Whimbrel - The only birds seen were on the coast.

10792-Whimbrel.JPG (35360 bytes)
10797-MarbledGodwit.JPG (32642 bytes)

Marbled Godwit -  Good numbers were seen at Tijuana Slough as well as on the Salton sea.

Wilson's Snipe - The only bird seen was in the high tide roost pictured above. 10803-CommonSnipe.JPG (43259 bytes)

10780-Willet.JPG (35364 bytes)

Willet - Larger numbers of this species were recorded on the coast at Tijuana Slough.


Sanderling - Common and very tame along the beach. 10825-Sanderling-350.JPG (11085 bytes)
10852-SemipalmatedPlover.JPG (19859 bytes) Snowy Plover - The only one seen.  This juvenile was colour ringed with Pink/Black/White rings on its right leg and possibly  grey and black rings on it's left leg.  If anyone can provide information on where it was ringed, or who to contact, please let me know.

Originally identified as a Semi-palmated Plover!! Thanks to Paul Guris for correcting the mistake.

Black-bellied (Grey) Plover - Numbers seen on the Salton Sea and on the coast. 10958-GreyPlover-350.JPG (15613 bytes)

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