Southern California - Mystery Birds

Jim Rose - November 2003

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The bird pictured here flew into view and landed on the water about 50 yards offshore at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego.  It appeared to be a Shearwater but that seems odd so close to land.  There was however strong onshore winds.  It would appear to be a Pink-footed Shearwater in moult, although Sooty Shearwater has been suggested.  

Any further  comments to Jim Rose?

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The following bird was photographed on the east shore of the Salton Sea at Obsidian Butte.   The Gull next to it is a Herring Gull.

I was unsure of the ID of the species but did suspect Reddish Egret, a bird not normally found in this area.  The ID was eventuall confirmed by Bob Power, who told me that the bird had been in the Salton Sea area for some months.  Thanks Bob.

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