Salton Sea National Nature Reserve

Jim Rose - 20th/21st November 2003

The wildlife refuge was established in 1930 and is now called the "Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge" and covers 37,600 acres although most of it is now flooded.  The refuge does attempt to attract the wintering geese to prevent them damaging crops, but the whole area is a magnet to birds and is literally a huge oasis in the desert.  384 species of bird have been recorded on the reserve.

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Taken from the viewing platform at the NWR Headquarters on the SE
of the Salton Sea.  Perhaps 5000 Snow and Ross's Geese.


10316-SnowGeese.JPG (55780 bytes)

When the geese were flushed you soon
realised just how many there were!


10268-SnowGeese.JPG (51320 bytes)

Good numbers of Snow and Ross's Geese were also at the NWR
area at the southern end of the sea.

10343-SnowGeese.JPG (42997 bytes)


10561-SnowGeese.JPG (20922 bytes)

Snow Goose above and Ross's Goose below.  Ross's has a neater more rounded head.

10562-RossGoose.JPG (28871 bytes)

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