Cuyamaca Lake/Laguna Mountains

Jim Rose - 22nd November 2003

Travelling across the Laguna Mountains back to San Diego, I was shocked by the amount of devastation from the recent forest fires.  Virtually all places to stop including the campsites and parks were closed and large numbers of workers were replacing overhead electricity cables.  Time will tell on the long term effect that the fires have on the bird and other wildlife populations.

10730-BurntHillside-500.JPG (47224 bytes)
The above hillside should have been covered in trees and scrub!


10720-BlackCrownedNightHeron-350.JPG (32577 bytes)

This Black-crowned Night Heron was one of three seen at Lake Cuyamaca, only of the few places I was able to stop in the Laguna Mountains.

Scrub Jays were seen near to Cuyamaca Lake and also at Point Loma, San Diego. 

9976-ScrubJay-350.JPG (14920 bytes)
10745-HouseFinch.JPG (25479 bytes)

House Finches were seen on three occasions.

Unfortunately this individual was rather distant but I was pleased to get this photo of this very attractive Acorn Woodpecker against the evening sun. 10767-AcornWoodpecker.JPG (11797 bytes)
10747-LesserGoldfinch-350.JPG (16786 bytes) A small flock of Lesser Goldfinches were seen in the mountains.
About 30 American Coots were present on Lake Cuyamaca, high in the mountains.  Large numbers were present on the Salton Sea. 10223-AmericanCoot-350.JPG (14175 bytes)

10726-Bufflehead-350.JPG (16250 bytes)

Buffleheads were fairly common on the coast and in San Diego's various backwaters.  These two males were on Lake Cuyamaca.

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