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Jim Rose - November 2003

10693-Phainopepla-400.JPG (17619 bytes)

I only made a brief stop in the Anzo Borrego Desert while on the way from Salton City to San Diego.  This was one of about 20 Phainopeplas seen at Yaqui Well.

Yellow-rumped Warbler - A very common species frequently seen during the trip at virtually every site.  However, they proved difficult to photograph and this was the best I could do!

10671-Yellow-rumpedWarbler-350.JPG (12901 bytes)
10552-AmericanRobin-400.JPG (20639 bytes)

This American Robin was one of only three seen.  It was feeding on berries hanging from the Palm trees outside the Salton Sea NWR headquarters.

American Kestrel - A very attractive but rather shy raptor.  Very common over the farmland surrounding the Salton sea, with dozens seen during one day. 10525-AmericanKestrel-350.JPG (21084 bytes)
10314-SaysPhoebe.JPG (17678 bytes)

Say's Phoebe - A common species seen in the San Diego and in particular in the Salton Sea area.


Black Phoebe - A common species seen in the San Diego and Salton Sea areas.

10337-BlackPhebe-350.JPG (18041 bytes)

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