Brawley area

Jim Rose - November 2003

A medium sized town about fifteen miles from the south end of the Salton Sea. This is a fairly pleasant town and a suitable base to explore the southern end of the Salton Sea. There are several motels and plenty of places to eat. My guide book mentioned several birding sites in Brawley, one of which at Las Flores drive had been partly destroyed (Palm trees cut down) but it still produced the birds I was looking for including Inca Dove, Gila Woodpecker and Abert’s Towhee. A surprise for me was a rather nice Lewis’s Woodpecker.

This Cactus Wren was seen in Cattle Call Park, Brawley.  There seemed to be several present from their calls but did hide in the tops of the Palm trees.

The species was as seen at the Salton Sea NWR Information Centre.

10543-CactusWren.JPG (52080 bytes)


Gila Woodpeckers were seen in both Las Flores Drive and Cattle Call Park, Brawley.  Both sites were given in " A Birders Guide to Southern California".

10146-GilaWoodpecker.JPG (27799 bytes)

10135-NFlicker.JPG (30372 bytes)

"Red-shafted" Northern Flicker   In the relatively tree less landscape around the Salton Sea, this sighting was the only one during the trip.


This Lewis's Woodpecker was photographed on the same tree as the Flicker.  It stayed motionless on the very top of a tall dead Palm for about five minutes and at times closed its eyes and appeared to be asleep.

10133-LewissWoodpecker.JPG (22679 bytes)


10651-Mockingbird.JPG (45022 bytes) Northern Mockingbirds were seen at almost all sites visited.  This individual put on a nice pose as it sunned itself.



This pair of Gambel's Quail were seen at Cattle Call Park, Brawley early morning.  My only other sighting of this species was at the NWR Information centre at Salton Sea.

10666-GambolsQuail.JPG (51830 bytes)


Great-tailed Grackles were only seen away from the coast in the Salton Sea area.  This one was close to an intensive cow farm near Brawley. 10393-GTGrackle.JPG (24211 bytes)


10379-RedTailedHawk.JPG (18013 bytes)

Red-tailed Hawk photographed from the car.  This species was seen daily, many appearing to have fairly dark plumage.

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