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23rd-30th January 2004

11747-BigLizard-400.JPG (92808 bytes)

Common Indian Monitor
This monster was sunning itself in an area adjacent to the marsh just behind the Beira Mar Hotel. 
Photo - JER 


11724-Mongoose-400.JPG (27684 bytes)



Indian Grey Mongoose

We were having lunch at the Beira Mar Hotel when suddenly two Mongooses ran along the wall and paused for a short time, allowing a few hurried photos to be taken.

Photo - JER

DSCN0015 Chameleon sp.jpg (17726 bytes)

Common Garden Lizard

This was resting about 2.5 metres up in a tree in an open area in the Apora Forest. 

Thanks to Steve Williams for help with the ID..

Photo - MCC

GOA FOLDER I 004 Gecko.jpg (47272 bytes)  

Hanuman (Black-faced) Langur

This was the most common on the monkeys seen.

Photo - MCC

Hanuman-Black-Faced Langur.jpg (21766 bytes)

grey pansy1-280104x.JPG (37697 bytes)

Grey Pansy Butterfly

Photo - DMF

Blue Grass Tiger (Ideopsis vulgaris)

Photo - DMF

blue mormon1-280104x.JPG (20150 bytes)
Butterfly sp Goa.jpg (24721 bytes)  

Grey Count Butterfly

Photo - MCC


Common Bluebottle (Graphium sarpedon luciatius)

This individual was photographed by a stream close to the Backwoods camp.  It was attracted by a piece of litter which was a similar colour to the green in it's wing. 

Thanks to Chris Vowles and Steve Wiliams for identifying what was originally a mystery butterfly.

Photo - MCC

083 Butterfly sp Goa.jpg (36330 bytes)
GOA FOLDER J 003 Moth sp.jpg (56213 bytes)

Moth Sp

If anyone knows the ID of this species please contact Mike Collard.

Photo - MCC

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All photographs are copyright.  Please contact the relevant person  if you wish to copy or reproduce any of the photgraphs.  All   photographs have the initials of the photographer.  "JER" denotes Jim Rose and "MCC" denotes Mike Collard.

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