Goa - Birding Trip


23rd-30th January 2004

11372-PurpleGallinule-400.JPG (33053 bytes)

Purple Swamphen

Although abundant at Carambolim Lake, we did not see them anywhere else.

Photo - JER

Bronze-winged Jacana

Another speciality of Carambolim Lake; about twenty birds were present.

Photo - JER

11421-BronzeWingedJacana-350.JPG (35122 bytes)

11418-LesserWhistlingDucks-400.JPG (41473 bytes)

Lesser Whistling Duck

About 100 birds were seen at Carambolim Lake.  Not seen elsewhere.

Photo - JER

Open-billed Stork

18 birds were present at the paddyfields adjacent to Carambolim Lake.

Photo - MCC

DSCN6141 O B Stork.jpg (79889 bytes)


Indian Pond Heron

Common wherever there was water. This photo was taken from the hotel balcony.

Photo - JER

11341-IndianPondHeron-400.JPG (27429 bytes)

DSCN6179 Cattle Egret 2.jpg (9368 bytes)

Cattle Egret

Common wherever there were cattle.

Photo - MCC

11741-IntermediateEgret-400.JPG (32890 bytes)

Intermediate Egret

Another photo taken from the balcony of our room at the Beira Mar Hotel

Photo - JER


Single bird with Black-headed Ibises at Chorao Island.

Photo - JER

11672-Spoonbill-350.JPG (21331 bytes)

11665-BlackHeadedIbis-400.JPG (23349 bytes)

Black-headed Ibis and Great Egret

A group of ten Black-headed Ibises were seen near Chorao Island.

Photo - JER

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