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23rd-30th January 2004

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Small Pratincole

A remarkably tame flock of about 120 bird occupied the upper beach at Morjim. We had earlier seen about 20 birds at Carambolim Marsh.

Photos - MCC

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Lesser Sand Plover

Samall numbers of Lesser and Greater Sand Plovers were present at Morjim Beach along with a lone Caspian Plover.

Photo - JER

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11530-CaspianPlover-400.JPG (12824 bytes)

Caspian Plover

We were informed that this bird at Morjim Beach was the first record of this species for Goa although a trip report of a few years ago mentions one.

Photo JER


Greater Painted Snipe

Not at the usual place behind the Beira Mar but further north near the Hotel Cavala. There were nine altogether although we saw just eight - an amazing sight.

Photo - JER


11366-PaintedSnipe-350.JPG (23076 bytes)
11301-MarshSandpiper-400.JPG (21029 bytes)

Marsh Sandpiper

This bird was seen by one of the ponds near the Baga River. Others were seen at Carambolim Marsh, Tikanem and Chorao Island.

Photo - JER

11816-YellowWattledLapwing-400.JPG (46654 bytes)

Yellow-wattled Lapwing

The only birds we saw were at Dona Paula where we found ten.

Photo - JER

Terek Sandpiper

The first birds we saw were at Carambolim Marsh but this bird was one of a flock of ten at Charao Island. We also saw them at Panjim salt pans.

Photo - JER


11909-TerekSandpiper-350.JPG (19785 bytes)
11883-PacificGoldenPlover-400.JPG (24741 bytes)

Pacific Golden Plover

We saw birds at Chorao Island and Panjim Saltpans. This bird was digiscoped at the latter.

Photo - JER

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All photographs are copyright.  Please contact the relevant person  if you wish to copy or reproduce any of the photgraphs.   All bird photographs have the initials of the photographer.  "JER" denotes Jim Rose,   "MCC"  Mike Collard and "DMF" Dave Ferguson.

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