Goa - Birding Trip


23rd-30th January 2004

11456-BrahminyKite-400.JPG (49436 bytes)

Brahminy Kite

Common on the coastal plain.  This individual was at Carambolim Lake.

Photo - JER


Lesser Spotted Eagle

This 1st winter Eagle was almost the first bird we saw. It was sitting in a bare tree just outside our room window. Its identity was not immediately obvious.

Photo - MCC

DSCN6031 S Eagle-350.jpg (30283 bytes)
DSCN0028 Shrikra juv.jpg (40311 bytes)



This 1st winter bird was sitting in palm right by the Beira Mar swimming pool. We saw three other birds on the trip.

Photo - MCC


Oriental Honey Buzzard

Backwoods Camp - One of the more memorable moments was seeing this bird sharing a bare tree with another Oriental Honey-buzzard (below). As the sun rose the two birds flew off within a few minutes of each other.

Photo -  JER

Thanks to Bill Clark, Petro Pynnönen and Kari Soilevaara for correcting our wrong ID!

12175-BonellisEagle-350.JPG (18361 bytes)
12181-OrientalHoneyBuzzard-400.JPG (77429 bytes)

Oriental Honey-buzzard

This bird was about 1.5 m below the bird pictured above. The birds were spotted from the mini-van and were only 40 metres from the road.  We did not disturb them but the Large-billed Crows eventualy did.

Photo - JER


Black Eagle

Birds were seen on the two occasions we looked for raptors at the Backwoods watch-point. This bird circled almost overhead.

Photo - JER

12219-BlackEagle-350.JPG (23259 bytes)
11221-BlackKite-400.JPG (23194 bytes)

Black Kite

The commonest raptor of the coastal plain.

Photo - JER


White-bellied Sea-eagle

This nest with at least two young was in Apora Forest. We may have seen the adult birds at Baga where they were regular over the hill.

Photo - JER

11694-White-belliedEagle-350.JPG (30260 bytes)
11349-MarshHarrier-400-enh.jpg (76095 bytes)  

Marsh Harrier

Commonly seen quartering paddyfields. This bird was seen daily at Baga.

Photo - JER


This bird was first seen early morning (in poor light) during our first walk in the Backwoods area. The only other seen was one in flight in Apora Forest

Photo - JER

11934-Besra-350.jpg (37334 bytes)
11593-ChangeableHawkEagle-400.JPG (53583 bytes)  

Changeable Hawk-eagle

This pair was near their nest close to Maem Lake. Only one other bird was seen - over Apora Forest from Baga Hill.

Photo - JER

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