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Owls and Frogmouths

23rd-30th January 2004


Brown Wood Owl

This splendid bird was one of the pair regularly seen at Saligao Zor.  To find owls like these a guide such as Naresh is essential.

Photo - JER

11497-BrownWoodOwl-350.JPG (44402 bytes)

Brown Hawk Owl

This bird was found in the trees near Carambolim Lake. We heard three - and briefly saw one - at Backwoods Camp.

Photo - JER

11459-BrownHawkOwl-350.JPG (31266 bytes)
12076-OrientalScopsOwl-400.JPG (24278 bytes)

Oriental Scops Owl

One of a pair of roosting birds in the Backwoods area.

Photo - JER

Sri-Lankan Frogmouth

The pair of birds roosting in a clump of bamboo right by Backwoods Camp.  The second bird is behind facing right.

Photo - JER

11984-SriLankanFrogmouth-350.JPG (30833 bytes)

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