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Miscellaneous Birds

23rd-30th January 2004

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Chestnut-shouldered Petronia

A flock was seen at Tikanem.

Photo - MCC


Black Drongo

Common in open areas.

Photo - MCC

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11465-Koel-400.JPG (26207 bytes)

Asian Koel

Widespread and quite common although more often heard than seen. This bird was seen in Carambolim Woods.

Photo - JER

Indian Darter

Four were seen at Carambolim Lake.

Photo - JER

11403-Darter-350.JPG (39916 bytes)

Indian Cormorant

Birds were seen on the ponds at Baga Fields and at Carambolim Lake.

Photo - JER

11255-IndianCormorant.JPG (12138 bytes)

112 Jungle Crowx.jpg (22431 bytes)  

Large-billed Crow

Common in forested areas away from the coast.   Also known as Jungle Crow.

Photo - MCC



Brahminy Starling

We saw small flocks at Baga Fields and Morjim Beach.

Photo - JER

11581-BrahminyStarling-350.JPG (37735 bytes)

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