Goa - Birding Trip

Larks, Pipits and Wagtails

23rd-30th January 2004


White-browed Wagtail

Pairs were commonly seen in wet areas. This bird was digiscoped at Crambolim Lake

Photo - MCC

DSCN6085  White-browned Wagtail.jpg (42205 bytes)
11662-RufusTailedLark-400.JPG (48622 bytes)


Rufus-tailed Lark

After much searching a pair was eventually located in a large fallow field at Tikanem.

Photo - JER

Forest Wagtail

Four birds were seen in the Backwoods area including a pair in the camp.

Photo - MCC

GOA FOLDER H 031 Forest Wagtail.jpg (23672 bytes)
11624-LarkSp-400.JPG (55847 bytes)

Oriental Skylark

While we were looking for the Rufous-tailed Larks we found this bird, the only one we saw on the trip.

Photo - JER

Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark

About a dozen birds were seen at Dona Paula.  The male is much more striking than the rather boring female.

Photo - JER

11853-AshyCrownedSparrowLark-350.JPG (46300 bytes)

Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark

A Female, also at Dona Paula

11841-AshyCrownedSparrowLark-350.JPG (38969 bytes)
DSCN0105 Pipit sp.jpg (24358 bytes)

Short-toed Lark

This lone bird was digiscoped at Dona Paula.

Photo - MCC

Blyth's Pipit

This individual was at Baga Fields and caused us to study the field guides.  We concluded it is a Blyth's Pipit.

Photo - JER



11393-PipitSp-350.JPG (54645 bytes)

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