Goa - Birding Trip

Flycatchers, Swallows and Small Passerines

23rd-30th January 2004

Red-breasted Flycatcher

A female at Tambli Surla may have been a Red-throated Flycatcher but there was no doubt about this male seen well in Backwoods Camp.

Photo - MCC

114 Red-breasted Flyctacherx.jpg (26851 bytes)

Asian Paradise Flycatcher  

This rather amazing species was seen in the Backwoods area and also at Saligao Zor.  The male is pictured.

Photo - DMF

asian paradise flycatcher2-240104x.jpg (36196 bytes)

Nilgiri Flycatcher

A single bird was seen near Backwoods.  This species was well north of its normal range and this record shot is to prove it was actually there! 

Photo - JER

12065-NilgiriFlycatcher-350.JPG (27276 bytes)

Asian Brown Flycatcher

The only one seen on our trip was in Backwoods.

Photo - JER

11941-Flycatcher-350x.jpg (13968 bytes)
12207-WireTailedSwallow-400.JPG (15184 bytes)

Wire-tailed Swallow

Birds were common at Baga Fields but this bird was digiscoped at a bridge near Backwoods.  While many birds do not show the "wire" tail, this bird is a spendid example.

Photo - JER

Golden-fronted Leafbird

Birds were quite common in the Backwoods area while two were seen in Apora Forest.

Photo - JER

11688-GoldenFrontedLeafbird-350.JPG (16969 bytes)

Small Minivet

Flocks of this spectacular bird were quite common in the forest around Backwoods and were usually high up in the canopy. A single bird was seen in Apora Forest.

Photo - JER

12069-SmallMinivet-350.JPG (46527 bytes)

Black-throated Munia

Two birds of this rather scarce Munia were seen near Backwoods.

Photo - JER

11956-BlackThroatedMunia-350.JPG (27278 bytes)

Plain Prinia

This was the commonest warbler. This bird was digiscoped from a bridge near Tikanem.

Photo - JER

11617-PlainPrinia-350.JPG (52200 bytes)

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