Goa - Birding Trip

Bulbuls - Barbets and Babblers

23rd-30th January 2004

Red-whiskered Bulbul

The commonest bulbul. It was seen in all forested areas.

Photo - JER

11703-RedCheekedBulbul-350.JPG (16694 bytes)

Crimson-fronted Barbet

Three were seen in the forest around Backwoods.

Photo - JER

11964-CrimsonFrontedBarbet-350.JPG (8841 bytes)
puff-throated babbler3-270104-400.jpg (43664 bytes)

Puff-throated Babbler

These were usually seen in pairs shuffling through the leaf litter. We saw them in most forested areas.

Photo - DMF

Black Bulbul

We saw several small groups of these birds around Backwoods. They tended to perch high in the trees.

Photo - JER

12056-BlackBulbul-350.JPG (38969 bytes)

Coppersmith  Barbet

The commonest barbet though more often heard than seen.  It has a distinctive honking call.

Photo - MCC

DSCN6207 Coppersmith Barbetx.jpg (18391 bytes)

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All photographs are copyright.  Please contact the relevant person  if you wish to copy or reproduce any of the photgraphs.   All bird photographs have the initials of the photographer.  "JER" denotes Jim Rose,   "MCC"  Mike Collard and "DMF" Dave Ferguson.

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