Finland Birding - 12th-16th May 2006

The Gulls Page

With the exception of the Little Gull, all of the other photographs were taken at Kuusamo rubbish tip. At the tip we also saw Ruff, Raven, Hooded Crows and a Rook (apparently rare in this part of Finland).

IMG_1326_Little_Gull-400.jpg (12450 bytes)

Adult Little Gull
This species was seen at various locations, with up to 100 individuals at a coastal site near Oulu airport.

Adult Baltic Gull-500.JPG (26258 bytes)

Adult Baltic Gull

Adult-Heuglins-Gull-500.JPG (25702 bytes)

Adult Heuglin's Gull

Ad-Baltic_Second-sum-Heuglins_Gulls-500.JPG (38209 bytes)

Adult Baltic Gulls and 2nd summer Heuglin's Gull

Adult-Baltic-and-adult-argentatusgulls-500.JPG (28733 bytes)

Adult Baltic Gull and adult Herring Gull (argentatus)

1st-summer-Heuglins-500.JPG (60938 bytes)

First summer Heuglin's Gull (front )

3rd-sum_Heu_1st-sum_Heu_1st-sum_arg.JPG (45735 bytes)

Third summer Heuglin's Gull, first summer Heuglin's Gull
and a first summer "Argentatus" Herring Gull.

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Little Gull photo copyright Mike Collard
All other gull photos copyright Ben Miller