Finland Birding - 12th-16th May 2006

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View from the top of one of the few high points around Kuusamo

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Just one singing male was seen.

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Ortolan Bunting

Seen at two sites, with another singing at a third site.

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16270-RusticBunting-450.JPG (59237 bytes)

Rustic Bunting

Just one singing male was seen.

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16311-BlackWoodpecker-400.JPG (27769 bytes)

Black Woodpecker

A visit to a known breeding site near Kuusamo, in the middle of a snowstorm, soon produced this individual.

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16326-Black-throatedDivers-400.JPG (38143 bytes)

Black-throated Diver

This pair were present on a large lake.  Others were seen during a sea-watch.

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IMG_0408_LSSpotted Woodpecker-400.jpg (28860 bytes)

Lesser-spotted Woodpecker

Only seen at one site were at least three birds were present.

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16179-Wryneck-450.JPG (67709 bytes)


This species was seen on two occasions during the trip.

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16141-PiedFlycatcher-500.JPG (61834 bytes)

Pied Flycatcher

Surprisingly common and seen daily.

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16163-Finnish-Twitch-Terek-700.JPG (226276 bytes)

A Finnish twitch

After about half an hour after finding a Terek Sandpiper, birders appeared to see this first of the year for this very rare Finnish breeding bird.

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All photos copyright 2006

Photos taken by Jim Rose, Mike Collard and Ben Miller

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