Cuba Birding - March 2005

Jim Rose and Dave Ferguson


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Unfortunately we could only manage to get photos of the North American warblers that were either overwintering or passing through Cuba.  We did see Olive-capped and Oriete Warbler, but they were usually high in the trees.  However, some of the warblers we did see are not that easy to find in N America.

14413-YTWarbler-400.JPG (19360 bytes)

Yellow-throated Warbler


14415-YTWarbler-350.JPG (20161 bytes)
14186-PairieWarbler-400.JPG (25163 bytes)

Prairie Warbler

South Coast road

14187-PairieWarbler-400.JPG (21405 bytes)

Black and White Warbler



14495-BandWWarbler-350.JPG (28348 bytes)
14506-ParulaWarbler-400.JPG (17492 bytes)

Northern Parula


Palm Warbler

North Coast


14604-PalmWarbler-350.JPG (54236 bytes)
14487-BTBWarbler-400.JPG (31379 bytes)

Black-throated Blue Warbler



Black-throated Blue Warbler

El Salton

Photo by Dave Ferguson

black-throated blue 050305 2a.jpg (20293 bytes)

Worm-eating Warbler

El Salton


14031-WormEatingWarbler-350.JPG (36629 bytes)
13938-Warbler-400.JPG (20060 bytes)

Cape May Warbler

Pinares De Mayari

Louisiana Waterthrush

El Salton

A real action shot!  It never stopped moving.

14059-Lou-Waterthrush-350.JPG (32609 bytes)

Northern Waterthrush

El Salton


14167-NorthernWaterthrush-350.JPG (44982 bytes)

ll photographs by Jim Rose unless otherwise stated.   All photographs copyright 2005.

Please contact the relevant photographer, Jim Rose or Dave Ferguson, if you wish to use any of the photographs.

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