Cuba Birding - March 2005

Waders, Ducks and Terns

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14555-GreaterYellowlegs-400.JPG (17103 bytes)

Greater Yellowlegs

Seen feeding in pools next to rice field just
to the east of Puerto Padre.


Range -

Seen on the drive south across the Sierra Maestra

14158-Killdeer-350.JPG (37439 bytes)
14558-SolitarySandpiper-400.JPG (45835 bytes)

Solitary Sandpiper

This was seen feeding in a small pool and ditch
close to the road to the east of Puerto Padre. In living up to it's name, it
was the only one seen during the trip!

Grey Plover

Seen feeding in a pungent smelling
stream to the east of Puerto Padre.

14545-GreyPlover-350.JPG (37887 bytes)

Least Sandpiper

Also seen feeding in a pungent smelling
stream to the east of Puerto Padre.

14551-Least Sandpiper-350.JPG (39925 bytes)

Royal Tern

This individual was photographed at Cabo Cruz.  We saw approximately 80 birds during the week at several sites.

14259-RoyalTern-350.JPG (25699 bytes)

Hooded Merganser

Range - North America, wintering south to south-eastern United States and Mexico; Bahamas and Puerto Rico

Found south of Cruce de los Banos in the Sierra Maestra mountains, this is perhaps the rarest bird we found with only three prior records (per Birds of Cuba by Garrido and Kirkconnell). 

14136-HoodedMerganser-350.JPG (27629 bytes)

All photographs by Jim Rose unless otherwise stated.   All photographs copyright 2005.

Please contact the relevant photographer, Jim Rose or Dave Ferguson, if you wish to use any of the photographs.

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