Cuba Birding - 2nd-9th March 2005

Jim Rose and Dave Ferguson

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14003-PinaresDeMayari-500.JPG (48689 bytes)

Hotel Pinares De Mayari
The Restaurant


14004-PinaresDeMayari-500.JPG (90822 bytes)

Hotel Pinares De Mayari
The view from our room.


14001-PinaresDeMayari-500.JPG (84916 bytes)

Hotel Pinares De Mayari
The grounds


13958-PinaresDeMayari-500.JPG (77943 bytes)

Pinares De Mayari
The track up the mountain


13959-PinaresDeMayari-500.JPG (67807 bytes)

Pinares De Mayari
The track up the mountain.  There were many tiny red flowers in the bushes that were presumably attractive to hummingbirds.


14052-ElSalton-500.JPG (61823 bytes)

Villa El Salton
Bird friendly hotel!


14018-ElSalton-500.JPG (73306 bytes)

Villa El Salton
The waterfall.  This was very productive for birds.


14081-ElSalton-500.JPG (44440 bytes)

Scene on the hills above the Villa El Salton.  This is a farmed area.  Even in the woods Cocoa was being grown.


14077-Dave-Ricardo-ElSalton-500.JPG (62459 bytes)

Dave and Ricardo searching for a Cuban Vireo which was calling in the distance.


14111-SierraMaestra-500.JPG (24681 bytes)

The cloud forest on the north side of the Sierra Maestra Mountains.


14174-SMaestra-500.JPG (63969 bytes)

The southern side of the Sierra Menstra mountains were much dryer with more scrub and less trees.


14254-CaboCruz-500.JPG (38554 bytes)

Cabo Cruz - A headland on the south side of the island - A small village exists at the headland.  The lagoons just north of the village were teeming with waders, herons, etc.  A seawatch produced Magnificent Frigatebird, Royal and Caspian Terns.


14424-Najasa-MixedHabitat-500.JPG (51869 bytes)

A small mixed plantation at Najasa produced Plain Pigeon, Cuban Parakeet and West Indian Woodpecker.


14460-Palms-Najasa-500.JPG (70530 bytes)

Another of the Palm plantations at Najasa.  Here we unsuccessfully looked for Fernandina's Flicker.


14402-Fidel-400.JPG (83901 bytes)

Signs promoting Fidel Castro were not uncommon.


14263-Che-500.JPG (42034 bytes)

This type of sign was not uncommon in Cuba even though  Che Guevara was killed in 1967.


14609-NorthCoast-600.JPG (43485 bytes)

Seawatching off the north coast just before leaving for the airport.  
It was hard to tear ourselves away!

All photographs by Jim Rose unless otherwise stated.   All photographs copyright 2005.

Please contact the relevant photographer, Jim Rose or Dave Ferguson, if you wish to use any of the photographs.

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