Cuba Birding - March 2005

Jim Rose and Dave Ferguson

Other Species - March 2005

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14409-WhiteWingedDove-400.JPG (20428 bytes)

White-winged Dove

Range - Southern United States to Chile; Bahamas and Greater Antilles

This bird was photographed at a stop off point along the South Coast road.

Yellow-faced Grassquit

Range - Mexico to northern South America; Greater Antilles and Cayman Islands.

Common almost everywhere we went.  This
individual was photographed in the grounds of the Villa Pinares DeMayari.

13850-YellowFacedGrassquit-350.JPG (26268 bytes)

Northern Jacana

Range - SW United States to Panama; Cuba, Hispaniola, and Jamaica

Najasa - This was one of a pair and the only two
seen during the week. 

14519-NJacana-350.JPG (43953 bytes)
flicker pinares 030305 1.jpg (28899 bytes)  

Northern Flicker

Range - Most of N America, Central America, Cuba and Grand Cayman.

Photo by Dave Ferguson

13865-NFlicker-400.JPG (36464 bytes)

Northern Flickers were most common in the Sierra Maestra mountains.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Range - Breeds northern North America, wintering south to Central America, West Indies

Villa Pinares DeMayari - This bird was brought to our
attention by the very helpful staff at the hotel.  It was just outside their room.   It was the only sighting.

13840-YBSapsucker-350.JPG (36998 bytes)

Magnificent Frigatebird

Range - Tropical America, both Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

A very distant shot of this huge bird as it flew along the north coast.   Also a few seen at Cabo Cruz.

14611-MFrigatebird-350.JPG (9590 bytes)
14120-LeastGrebe-400.JPG (26404 bytes)

Least Grebe

Range - Mexico and Texas to N Argentina, Bahamas, Greater Antilles

Least Grebe

Feeding on the same river as the Hooded merganser, to
the south of Cruce de los Banos in the Sierra Maestra mountains.

This bird proven to be very mobile and difficult to photograph.   Note the distinctive eye colour.  This has not been enhanced.

14133-LeastGrebe-350.JPG (33201 bytes)

Smooth-billed Ani

Florida, Costa Rica to N Argentina; West Indies

Near Najasa - Common in areas of open farmland. 

14399-SmoothBilledAni-350.JPG (49074 bytes)
smooth-billed ani 1.jpg (29126 bytes)

This Smooth-billed Ani was feeding very close to some pigs which were digging up the soil.

Photo by Dave Ferguson

Red-legged Honeycreeper

Range - Mexico to Southern Brazil

Villa Pinares DeMayari - This fairly dull female is
in complete contrast to the stunning bright blue male.  Although we saws a few males they avoided being photographed.  Not an easy bird to find in Cuba and we were fortunate to see on three occasions.

13942-Honetcreeper-350.JPG (32628 bytes)
13916-AmericanKestrel-400.JPG (28655 bytes)

American Kestrel (red phase)

Range - North, Central and South America; West Indies.

A common species in Cuba. 

American Kestrel (red phase)

Photographed at Villa Pinares De Mayari

13914-AmericanKestrel-350.JPG (36181 bytes)
14332-AmKestrel-400.JPG (22020 bytes)

American Kestrel (white phase)

This individual was at Najasa

American Kestrel (white phase)

14331-AmKestrel-350.JPG (18986 bytes)
14465-AmKestrel-400.JPG (36698 bytes)

American Kestrel (white phase)

14570-SnailKite-400.JPG (43096 bytes)

Snail Kite

Range - Southern Florida; Mexico to Argentina


Snail Kite

Seen just north of the Puerto Padre to Playa Uvero road hunting over a small reservoir.

Photo by Dave Ferguson

snail kite 090305 5.jpg (24950 bytes)

Snail Kite

14589-SnailKite-350.JPG (42736 bytes)

Turkey Vulture

Range - Southern Canada to Southern Argentina; Greater Antilles, Puerto Rico

Perhaps the most widespread bird on Cuba.  Seen daily in all habitats, sometimes in numbers of over 10.

13905-TurkeyVulture-350.JPG (10838 bytes)

Turkey Vulture

Normally fairly timid but this bird in the national park at Cabo Cruz allowed us to approach.

14232-TurkeyVulture-350.JPG (20923 bytes)
13783-NorthernMockingbird-400.JPG (16077 bytes)  

Northern Mockingbird

One of the most common and widespread of the birds we saw on Cuba.

All photographs by Jim Rose unless otherwise stated.   All photographs copyright 2005.

Please contact the relevant photographer, Jim Rose or Dave Ferguson, if you wish to use any of the photographs.

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