Cuba Birding - March 2005

Jim Rose and Dave Ferguson

Other Wildlife - March 2005

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cuban ringlet pinares 040305 1.jpg (35701 bytes)

Cuban Ringlet

Pinares De Mayari

Photo Dave Ferguson

gulf fritillary pinares 040305 1.jpg (36112 bytes)

Gulf Fritillery

Pinares De Mayari

Photo Dave Ferguson

gundlach's swallowtail 1a.jpg (26993 bytes)

Gundlach's Swallowtail

This Cuban endemic is restricted to a small range in the Sierra Maestra mountains, where they were fairly common on the trail above the Villa Pinares De Mayari hotel.

Photo Dave Ferguson

Lizard Sp

Pinares De Mayari. 

If anyone can identify please let me know. Jim Rose

14016-LizardSp-350.JPG (76523 bytes)
13893-LizardSp-400.JPG (39014 bytes)  

Iguana Sp

This monster was approximately a metre long and seeing the size of its jaws we gave it a wide berth.  It was seen close to some houses in the Pinares De Mayari area and it has been suggested that it may be someone's free ranging pet!

Lizard Sp

This fairly small lizard was seen in the hilltops above the hotel El Salton.

If anyone can identify please let me know. Jim Rose

14105-LizardSp-350.JPG (41719 bytes)
orchid pinares de mayari 040305 1.jpg (24901 bytes)

Orchid Sp

Pinares De Mayari

Photo Dave Ferguson


In the cloud forest at Pinares De Mayari, airplants such as this were everywhere and some trees were completely covered.

13985-Airplant-350.JPG (54005 bytes)

All photos by Jim Rose unless otherwise stated.  All photographs copyright 2005.

Please contact the relevant photographer, Jim Rose or Dave Ferguson, if you wish to use any of the photographs.

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