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14098-WestIndianWoodpecker-400.JPG (36841 bytes)

West Indian Woodpecker

Range - Bahamas, Cuba and Grand Cayman

Common in the Najasa area but also seen at El Salton. Not seen elsewhere.

West Indian Woodpecker

14381-WestIndianWoodpecker-350.JPG (47414 bytes)
14009-LoggerheadKingbird-400.JPG (26809 bytes)

Loggerhead Kingbird

Range - Bahamas, Greater Antillies
and Cayman Islands

One of the more common species, seen daily.


Loggerhead Kingbird

13814-LoggerheadKingbird-350.JPG (14653 bytes)

Loggerhead Kingbird

13807-LoggerheadKingbird-350.JPG (20456 bytes)
13921-TawneyShdBlackbird-400.JPG (27944 bytes)

Tawny-shouldered Blackbird

Range - Cuba and Hispaniola

Only seen in the grounds of the Villa Pinares De Mayari.

Greater Antillian Grackle

Range - Greater Antillies, Cayman Islands

Probably the first bird to be heard (very noisy!) and common in the grounds of both mountain hotels

14039-GAGrackle-350.JPG (42032 bytes)
14083-GLizardCuckoo-400.JPG (47695 bytes)

Great Lizard-cuckoo

Range - Bahamas and Cuba

An amazing looking bird with an extremely long tail.  They usually wanted to remain partially obscured.  We saw them creeping through the bushes (rather than flying).  Seen at several sites during the week.

14024-ScalyNapedPigeon-400.JPG (48243 bytes)

Scaly-naped Pigeon

Range - Lesser and Greater Antillies

A Pigeon of forested areas which we only saw at El Salton.

13910-RedLeggedThrush-400.JPG (43518 bytes)

Red-legged Thrush

Range - Bahamas, Cuba, Cayman Brac, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Dominica and Swan Islands


Red-legged Thrushes were very common in the grounds of the hotels at Villa Pinares De Mayari and El Salton, but we also saw this species at Najasa. 13831-RedLeggedThrush-350.JPG (28315 bytes)
red-legged thrush 2.jpg (34369 bytes)  
13957-BlackCowledOriole-400.JPG (28644 bytes)

Black-cowled Oriole

Range - Mexico, Central America, northern Bahamas and Greater Antilles except Jamaica

Most frequently seen in the hotel grounds at Villa Pinares De Mayari.

Black-cowled Oriole

13950-BlackCowledOriole-350.JPG (27276 bytes)
13970-SHTanager-400.JPG (32280 bytes)

Stripe-headed Tanager

Range - Bahamas, Greater Antilles, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

The males are very striking. Only seen on a few occasions in wooded areas.


Western Spindalis

13962-SHTanager-350.JPG (32749 bytes)

Palm Crow

Range - Cuba and Hispaniola

Not difficult to separate from Cuban Crow, providing they call.   The call of the Palm Crow is relatively similar to Carrion Crow while Cuban Crow has a bizarre call.

14312-PalmCrow-350.JPG (27326 bytes)

Palm Crow

14318-PalmCrow-350.JPG (29498 bytes)


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