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Santa Rosa National Park- October 2007

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Santa Rosa National Park ( )

Finding the park off the Pan-American Highway was straightforward. We only visited the southern section where the park headquarters are situated. This national park consists of “dry” (not while we were there!) coastal forest with a few small grassy areas near the entrance. The entrance fee is $5 per person but there is no gate and is unmanned before 08.00. The track that goes off the road at a sharp angle about 400m beyond the entrance was quite good. It was too wet to drive along so we walked as far as the rusting military vehicles. Beyond that it was too wet to walk without wellies, which we didn’t have. It was also good along the trail near the park headquarters. But much of the entrance road was very quiet.

The Mirador at Santa Rosa

The only view across the tree tops that we came across


White-fronted Parrots

Photographed in the gloom as they gathered to roost



Dusky-capped or Nutting's Flycatcher (we think!!!)

Trying to identifying these birds could drive you insane!


Pale-billed Woodpecker

The only one of the trip


white-tipped dove santa rosa 141107 3.jpg (80000 bytes)

White-tipped Dove

Hard to photograph on the dark forest floor


One of many birds going to roost adjacent to the Egret roost

Roosting Egrets and Herons
Including 200 Cattle Egrets, 15 Great Egrets, 6 Snowy Egrets, 3 Little Blue Herons, 1 Tricolored Heron and 2 Neotropic Cormorants, plus a huge Green Iguana

Green Iguana
This was is the above tree on the lower right hand side of the tree.

Img43985Howler_Monkey-500.jpg (73391 bytes)

Howler Monkey

Showing his prize assets!


Giant Toad Buffo marinus


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