North-west Costa Rica Birding

Rincon de la Vieja - October 2007

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Rincon de la Vieja National Park (‑de‑La‑Vieja.htm )

We visited the western end at the Las Pailas Ranger Station entrance. Rincon de la Vieja is signposted from the Pan-American Highway about 5km W of Liberia. There is a $2 toll through the grounds of Hacienda Guachipelin. It is not possible to drive within the park. To get to the Santa Maria area you can either walk the 7km trail or drive up the road from Liberia.

Rincon de la Vieja Lodge

The  gardens attracted quite a few birds


These flowering shrubs attracted Steely-vented, Stripe-tailed  and Blue-throated Goldentail Hummingbirds, the latter not being recorded at the time but subsequently identified from video footage.

Img44060-Sun-bittern-600.jpg (88350 bytes)

We were stunned to come across this Sunbittern on rocks by the road to the lodge. 

Img44032-Gray-crowned_Yellowthroat-550.jpg (62570 bytes)

One or two Grey-crowned Yellowthroats were seen by the
roadside leading to Rincon and also in the rainforest.

White-throated Magpie-jay
These were fairly common and seen most days.

Img44079-Grey-necked_Wood-Rail-500.jpg (92261 bytes)

This Grey-necked Wood-rail was a surprise find
as we sheltered from the rain in the barbeque area.
The light was extremely poor (rain-forest, heavy cloud, heavy rain!).

Img44074-Grey-necked_Wood-Rail-500.jpg (80880 bytes)


Img44068-Central-American_Agouti-500.jpg (71014 bytes)

Several Agoutis were seen in the rain forest at
Rincon de la Vieja and also at Santa Rosa.

crane hawk buena vista lodge 121007 1.jpg (87099 bytes)

Roadside Hawk

The identity of this bird was not obvious to us at first.  Thanks to Carlos for putting us straight on the ID.

crane hawk buena vista lodge 121007 8.jpg (70440 bytes)


Stripe-headed Sparrow

A very common and striking species with a distinctive call.


White-nosed Coati

This individual was used to people supplying food and seemed willing to jump into a car to get it!


Blomfild's Beauty Smyrna blomfildia

This very tame butterfly was happy to perch on our hands


Hecalesia Longwing  Heliconius hecalesia

One of many impressive butterflies seen during the week.



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