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Liberia Airport

The extensive open grassy areas with minimal disturbance attracted quite a few species, some being rather surprising.

This is one of five Lesser Nighthawks that we found perched on the airport perimeter fence, adjacent to the terminal building.

Also at Liberia airport were good numbers of Double-striped Thick-knees.  We counted eight on the afternoon of our departure in one small area.  As it got dark more were seen running around on the hard standing by the aircraft.  We may well have seen 25 individuals.

Another star bird at the airport was this Pacific Screech Owl which was perched high above our heads as we waited to check in for our flight.

Also at the airport was this huge Grasshopper, waiting at the check in line!  It was approximately 130mm long.  If anyone knows the exact species please let us know.



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Jabiru fields

We have given them this name in lieu of anything else. They lie between Buenos Aires and Playa Panama at 10 deg 33.959' N, 85 deg 36.663' W. They are large wet fields on both sides of the road. The Jabirus are on the north side of the road and may be near the distant line of trees. We also saw Tricolored Munias and a Snail Kite here.


Jabiru - This was one of the birds of the trip and no doubt the rarest in Costa Rican terms.  An impressive bird on size alone and its bill is not to be tangled with.  We watched it eat a large Eel whole.


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Las Espuelas (near Liberia)


We stayed here for one unplanned night. This Best Western Hotel lies just east of Liberia on the Pan-American Highway. It was a very pleasant motel-type hotel with good food and drink. The grounds were surprisingly productive with Gray Hawks in one of the trees near the road, Turquoise-browed Motmots, Squirrel Cuckoo and a Northern Beardless Tyrannulet.


The hotel grounds attracted several Hoffman's Woodpeckers.


We managed to get good views of this Grey Hawk and what we presumed to be one of its offspring.


Boat-billed Flycatcher


Great-tailed Grackles were one of the most common birds of Costa Rica.  A juvenile above and an adult below.

boat-tailed grackle las espuelas 161007 3.jpg (117117 bytes)


Another extremely common bird was the Groove-billed Ani


The hotel in Liberia did provide a good opportunity to photograph some of the common species.  This is a Tropical Kingbird.

A loose flock of nine Broad-winged Hawks passed over the hotel during our last morning.  These were the only ones recorded on our trip.

White Peacock (Anartia jatrophae)



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