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Southern Vancouver Island - June 2006

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CAN0180-Bald_Eagle-600.JPG (94958 bytes)

This Bald Eagle was using this large rock and a feeding platform.  It appears to have a fish in it's talons.  It was just offshore from near to the town of Sooke on the southern end of Vancouver Island. 

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CAN0169-CaliforniaQuail-500.JPG (127860 bytes)

CAN0152-CaliforniaQuail-350.JPG (70245 bytes)

CAN0175-CaliforniaQuail-500.JPG (72958 bytes)

California Quail were seen on several occasions once we had left the Rockies.  They were quite happy to venture into the garden of the house where we were staying in Sooke.

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CAN0228-BandTailedPigeon-600.JPG (104365 bytes)

Up to six Band-tailed Pigeons were seen together at our accommodation near Sooke.  This is apparently a local species and no others were seen during the trip.

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CAN0233-Woodpecker-500.JPG (127059 bytes)

The Red-breasted Sapsucker was photographed in the Sooke Potholes area, where several were seen.  They have a restricted range and are distinctly different from the Red-naped Sapsucker which was seen in the Rockies.

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CAN0250-NW_Crow-500.JPG (85360 bytes)

CAN0256-NW_Crow-450.JPG (100618 bytes)

CAN0260-NW_Crow-500.JPG (123509 bytes)

Restricted to the coastal area of NW United States and Canada, the North-western Crow replaces the American Crow in these areas.

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CAN0187-American_Robin-450.JPG (124041 bytes)

The American Robin was extremely common and seen many times a day during the trip.

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CAN0249-Belted_Kingfisher-600.JPG (91543 bytes)

A Belted Kingfisher fishing from the rocks at Sooke.

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