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Clearwater to Kelowna - June 2006

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16137-Rufus-Hummer-450.JPG (33569 bytes)

One of many Rufus Hummingbirds seen at a motel just to the south of Clearwater.  A great place for a coffee break.  Calliope Hummingbirds were also present as were Pine Siskins (below).

16120-Pine_Siskin-450.JPG (76400 bytes)

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16113-Black_Swift-400.JPG (81291 bytes)

Just two sightings of Black Swift during the trip.  This was photographed out of the car sun-roof on the road from Jasper to Kamloops.

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16158-Wilsons_Snipe-450.JPG (78188 bytes)

The only Wilson's Snipe seen during the trip was photographed from the car on the way to Chute Lake, near Kelowna.

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16169-Brown-headed_Cowbird-600.JPG (114345 bytes)

Chute Lake produced this female Brown-headed Cowbird.  A rather non-descript bird which had me pondering the identification for a while.

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16182-Wood_Swallow-500a.JPG (42989 bytes)

16183-Wood_Swallow-500.JPG (49590 bytes)

This Tree Swallow was breeding overturned boats at Chute Lake.

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16200-GNDiver-500.JPG (46327 bytes)

A pair of Common Loons (Great Northern Divers) were seen feeding a single chick while on-route from Kelowna to Vancouver.  The chick can be seen peering under the water, copying his parents.

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16204-Song_Sparrow-500.JPG (53142 bytes)

16207-Song_Sparrow-400.JPG (59673 bytes)

Song Sparrows were seen at several locations

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16219-Kingbird-450.JPG (47846 bytes)

This was the only Eastern Kingbird seen during the trip.

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