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Vancouver and Vancouver Island - June 2006

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16243-Barred_Owl-400.JPG (120602 bytes)

This Barred Owl was very conveniently sitting high up in a tree right opposite the tree-top walkway at Capilano Suspension Bridge park.   So I was probably 50 feet above ground, although the trees went much much higher.  The camera was hand held with 5x lens attachment in poor light.  This is apparently a common owl but the only one seen during the trip.

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CAN0186-Glaucous_Winged_Gull-500.JPG (56832 bytes)

Glaucous-winged Gulls were common along coastal areas around Vancouver and Vancouver Island.   None were seen inland.

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16253-Harequin_Duck-500.JPG (63012 bytes)

16255-Harequin_Duck-500.JPG (63390 bytes)

16256-Harequin_Duck-500.JPG (66398 bytes)

Taken in very dull conditions, these Harlequin Ducks were seen at Campbell River, on the north east side of Vancouver Island.  These were presumably non-breeding birds.   I also saw solitary Harlequin Ducks on the Bow River near Banff, high in the rockies, which presumably were breeding.

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16267-Pelagic_Cormorants-640.JPG (114543 bytes)

Pelagic Cormorants were fairly common along the coast.  These were photographed at Campbell River.

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16296-Belted_Kingfisher-500.JPG (88301 bytes)

Several Belted Kingfishers were seen during the trip, all of them being on the coast.  This individual was at Campbell River at a point where fresh water flowed into the sea.

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16299-Purple_Martin-450.JPG (68800 bytes)

CAN0001-Purple_Martin-450.JPG (73514 bytes)

16302-Purple_Martin-450.JPG (74682 bytes)

The only Purple Martins seen during the trip were at Campbell River where nesting boxes had been provided.  The lower photograph is of a juvenile bird.

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16305-Tree_Swallow-450.JPG (54080 bytes)

Tree Swallows were seen at several sites both inland and on the coast. 

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CAN0011-Towhee-400.JPG (71801 bytes)

This Spotted Towhee was one of several seen at Campbell River.  Although not common, I did see several others during the trip.

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CAN0142-Bonapartes_Gull-600.JPG (57249 bytes)

These Bonaparte's Gulls were seen during our two night stay at Knights Inlet.  No others were seen during the trip.

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